Adventures in the Resource Van!

Okay, so one of my responsibilities at my job is to take the Resource Van out to some of our childcare centers. Yesterday was my day to that and it was my first time on the van by myself. I really wish I had a picture of the van to share with you all. Maybe at a later date. Just imagine me driving an ambulance sized van with colorful children’s drawing all over it. So, anyway, I set out on my adventure. Everything was going good until I get to one center and discovered that they were a half-day program and they were all leaving like, right then. Then that sparked a memory. I actually have two half-day programs on my route. I start panicking (not really but it adds to the drama) and so I call the other center and I have about 45 minutes to get to that center before it closes. I’m in Helena and need to get to Hoover. I make it to that center fine with lots of time to spare. So, I head off to grab lunch before going to the next program. I come to a stop light and the van goes dead. “Crap”, I declared. This time I really do start panicking. For one reason is b/c I can’t find the hazard lights. I try to start the van and it starts right back up. Goes dead again. Starts right back up. I am able to get into a parking lot and call my agency. Beveryly, who’s our Resource Specialist says she’ll come out there. Well, miraculoustly it starts working fine. Luckily, Beverly still showed up and we decided together that we didn’t need to take it in to get it checked out. By this time it’s almost 3:00 and Tracie hasn’t had lunch. I still have one more center to go to. Beverly says she’ll go w/me to get something to eat and then follow me to my last center, you know, just in case. I’m pretty confident it’s not going to go dead on me again. You know what’s coming don’t you? So, yeah, I pull into Chic-fil-a and BAM what do you think happened? Dead! Again. So, this was my first day on the van by myself. This van is only a year old. Pretty sure they’re second guessing my driving abilities. Well, not really, but this all makes for an interesting day. Just thought I’d share…….


2 responses to “Adventures in the Resource Van!

  1. quit with the lines already!

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