My Battle with God

I’m excited to say that my relationship with the Lord has been elevated to another level. I’m not as excited as to how that came about but I’ll share it nonetheless.  Only because I think others can relate and those who can’t can learn from it.  There have been several times in my walk with the Lord when I found myself angry at Him. Some of you may gasp in horror at the thought of being angry at God but if you’re real with yourself, then you know you’ve been there.  My problem has been that I’ve never let God know that I was angry at Him (like He didn’t know). But what I mean is, I’d never talk to Him about it. I think b/c I was like some of you, I thought it a sin to get angry at Him. Or I was fearful of what would happen if I yelled at Him and told Him what I really thought. That all changed this past week. I’m not sure how this time was any different but He and I had it out. I told Him exactly what I was feeling. I yelled, kicked, screamed, you name it, I did it. I questioned His plan for my life. I’m not proud of it but to be honest, I think it was one of the very few times that I’ve been real with God. I was talking to a friend about it and I told her that I was ashamed that I behaved like that. She gave me a whole new perspective on the situation. She told me that she thought that God liked it when we show Him we’re angry/upset. It shows Him that we are confident enough in our relationship with Him to go to Him in that way. It’s just like going to a friend who has done something to upset you and you go to them to talk about it. And you tell them how what they did made you mad. You talk about it and you work it out. I think I had finally reached that point where I was comfortable and confident enough in my relationship with the Lord to talk to Him about these emotions that I was experiencing. I knew I could share my heart with Him and He still love me. It’s unexplainable but my relationship with Him has reached a new height b/c of this experience. Now, I don’t suggest spending all your days yelling at God. But I do encourage you to be real with Him. He already knows what’s on your mind and on your hearts so you might as well talk to Him about it. The Word says to cast the whole of your cares on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and watchfully. That means ALL your cares: all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, all your emotions, ONCE & FOR ALL. 1 Peter 5:7Go ahead, let Him know you’re angry. All He’s going to do is let you know that He loves you just the same. originally posted 1.28.07


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