meetings, storms, lemon heads and such

I just got back from a planning meeting with my team here at work. It was at the Alagasco building. It’s always nice to get out of the office. A change of environment is always nice. Little did I know that awaiting me at the meeting was palethera of snacks that included Junior Mints and Lemon Heads. HELLO. It was a great meeting. And then of course we have the excitement of the expected storms that are to roll in later this afternoon. You can just fill the anticipation in the air. And even though all surrounding schools are closing, I will still be sitting at my desk. We are like the Postal Service. What’s their slogan? Through rain, sleet, snow…………We please to serve or serve to please. Hmmm………….


6 responses to “meetings, storms, lemon heads and such

  1. 7 posts in one day. really tracie. cheater, you had already written most of them.

  2. Thanks for that Lori. I just transferred the over. I wasn’t trying to pretend that I wrote them all in one day. I deleted them, most of them, from myspace. You better get on it or I’ll have more posts than you. Not that it’s a competition or anything…….

  3. oh geez here we go again!!!

  4. yea, i was thinking about all those posts…that’s enough for you for 4 months!! you are really working it. i’m not complaining though. but really…everything in moderation, geez…

  5. thank you for posting, i never read your mypace posts because, one again i refuse to even type the address on my computer. I will not soil my keyboard with such filth! I also love your header picture. Very nice!

    I was a bit disappointed in the storms. But I did get a free day off work. yipee!

  6. wow, i just realized how blog happy you’ve gotten lately!! its hard to keep up! 🙂

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