i am in love

with people. and more so with the differences that i see in people. i love the man that i use to see walking his dog everyday, the one who always had a wave and a smile. i love the little girl and dad that i saw at the summit yesterday, holding hands and skipping through the parking lot. i love the man who i occasionally see in downtown b’ham, talking to the sky with no awareness of the people around him. i love that young woman who i hear in times of worship, shouting out to her God, not caring who hears her. i love that young boy who i see trying to blend in with the walls around him but desperately calling out for someone to notice him. i love that woman who knows what her unique purpose is in life and works at it with everything she has. i love that man who is forever focused on how to be the best dad he can be to his two girls who just recently lost their mother. i love those two girls who are forever focused on protecting their father and his emotions by trying to hide their own. i love that woman who i hear laugh in a crowd and it makes me smile b/c i know who it is and am incredibly blessed to call her my friend. i love that woman who works at the corner store who remembers my name, even if she does think i want to buy a pack of cigarettes everytime i go in. i love that pastor who is adamant about convincing me that i want to help with his ministry. that’s how much he loves it, he thinks everyone should be a part of it. i love this same pastor who always asks how i’m doing and i know that he really wants to know how i’m doing. i love that girl who shaved her head as a call of desperation for something she knows she’s missing yet just can’t find. anyway, you get the point. i really could go on and on and on. all of the above people are real people that have touched my lives either directly or indirectly. i’m curious, who do you love?


4 responses to “i am in love

  1. wait, i will let you know when i stop crying after reading that!!!

  2. well…i need you to come hang around me b/c right now i’m having a hard time loving just about anyone!! that was definitely inspiring…

  3. i love the cute little old man who cleans at my office building because he is so precious and always has a smile on his face. i see Jesus smiling through him.

  4. i love the lady at the store today who was so happy she found a yellow purse that matched her yellow shoes exactly and was excitedly telling everyone around her in line. she is a woman after my own heart. shoes bring joy people. they just do!

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