small groups

i was reminded tonight of why i love small groups. it’s been a while since i’ve attended a small group w/o being one of the leaders. i went to a dinner and games group and had so much fun. (if you want more info. just ask) i met some new faces and got to spend some time with some familiar ones. i learned a new game that i will be teaching to people hopefully real soon b/c i already want to play it again. but i just love the fellowship that i got tonight. it allowed me to forget about the day that i had and just enjoy myself. not that my day was a bad one, it was pretty good. i don’t know, it was just a good time and i remembered the importance of allowing myself to enjoy others and myself with others. i also had two cups of some great african coffee. that would be why it’s after 11 p.m. and i’m still awake. funny b/c caffiene usually doesn’t keep me awake…..must be something about it being from africa. just kidding. speaking of africa, i can’t seem to get away from south africa. meaning, that it keeps coming up in things i read or conversations i have. not sure what that means, if anything, but i do find it interesting…….anyway, have a good night and an amazing tuesday!!!!


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