a sight for sore eyes

i was leaving church last night and saw the most amazing sight. i’m not sure why it moved me like it did, but i can’t stop thinking about it. wednesday nights at church is pretty crowded and so you can imagine how busy the parking lot is as people are rushing to get home. as i was pulling out of the parking lot something caught my eye. sitting under a light post was a group of about 12 guys. they were sitting on the ground, gathered around, listening to their “leader”. at our church, the junior high students meet on wednesday nights. and i’m assuming that at the end of the night they break off into small groups. i’m guessing that this was one of the small groups. and y’all, i just got so excited to see these young men sitting there together, learning about who knows what. who knows, it could have very possibly been the students teaching the leaders. what amazed me was that as car after car drove past them, not one of them looked up. they were completely focused in on whatever was being said. they wanted to be there. as i drove off, i just praised God for what was happening before my eyes. something great was happening in that group. because of something that was said in that group, lives will be changed. at that moment, God was creating them into the men of God that they WILL become. and because of the leaders pouring into them, they will be able to pour it back out into someone else. that group of young men, those are the people who are going to be the leaders of my children’s generation. that gets me excited. anyways. i just had to share. like the title says, it was a sight for these sore eyes.


5 responses to “a sight for sore eyes

  1. that is so awesome! praise the Lord! um, so, on another note…why did you go to church tonight? are you not going tonight? it is buy one get one free night at mexicali again and what about the one after party???????

  2. I have to work late tonight but will be all finished up for the after party. “ain’t not party like a scranton party, cuz a scranton party don’t stop”!!!!

  3. love to hear about kids loving church! (btw, I replied to your comment on my blog…)

  4. That was my 8th grade small group! they are awesome!! They are normally pretty crazy but That night they were very attentive! God IS working in all their lives, please keep praying for us! They are the future leaders of our church and im pretty stoked about that!!!

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