april is….


Child Abuse Prevention Month. Or Child Abuse Awareness Month, however you want to look at it. I would hope that people are aware of child abuse other than just the month of April, but whatever =) If you see a blue ribbon anywhere this month it is to raise awareness of child abuse and neglect.

This is something that is very near and dear to my heart. Not child abuse but the awareness and education of it and what can be done to prevent it. AND what I, as an individual, can do to help children who might be stuck in a situation that they can’t escape. A lot of times you won’t even know that a child is being abused (there aren’t always visible signs). Most of the time, all a child really wants is to know that there is at least one person who cares about them. This is going to sound cheezy and corny, but I don’t care =). I love children, most of you know this about me, and so when I see a child, I usually can’t just walk on by w/o looking or talking to them or waving or whatever. I don’t know, I just tell myself, what if I’m the only one that smiles at them today. What if I’m the only kind face they see today. You never know what kind of situation a child might be in. And I think that smile or wave or wink, can bring some hope and light into a dark situation. So, I just encourage you guys today that when you see a child (no matter the age) to smile at them. A simple smile. I promise you will make an impression. And you might even get a smile back, and there is nothing better than seeing a child smile.


One response to “april is….

  1. So true! You never know what kids are going thru. Or how one small thing (good or bad) can affect them. Thanks for sharing–I didn’t know it was CAP Month!

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