comfort folk

so, i’ve been sick for the past week or so. my sinuses have not been happy with the constant change of the weather. i thought i was getting better when i started getting my voice back but then that is when the coughing bug decided to visit. i was eating lunch at a friends on sunday and i was offered a cough drop. it was a wild cherry luden’s cough drop. i haven’t had one of those in forever. it instantly took me back to my childhood. i remember taking them when i was little. there was an immediate comfort that came over me. weird, huh? it really just went along with the whole environment that i was in. these friends that i was visiting are so amazing. i feel so protected when i’m with them. they have a way of reminding me of what i’m here for. i never want to leave when i visit. their names are matt and allison. they are this precious married couple who are incredible parents to their house full of boys. they have created a home for them. when i envision what i want my family and home to be like, i think of this family. i’m so grateful that God has placed certain people in my life so that i can learn from them.

wow, i definitely got side tracked with this one. but i guess i really didn’t. the cough drops brought me comfort and the carmichaels bring me comfort. what brings you comfort?


5 responses to “comfort folk

  1. i was totally going to write a blog about this precious family of faith. i love them soooooooo much!

    um…..rainy days in my pjs bring me comfort.

  2. coffee and my bed. and my purple soft socks. my family and my friends!

  3. wow stacie, you have a lot of comforts 🙂 thats great.

  4. yes i love my socks jode gave me for my b’day, they comfort me too.

  5. starbucks, bubble baths, and chocolate give me comfort.

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