i went to north point’s church website the other night to listen to some of andy stanley’s messages. i ended up listening to a message by jarrett stevens titled, “a child adopted”. basically he talked about the choices we make everyday. and how who we are is a result of the choices we make. the choices we make in life determine the person we’ve become. so i started thinking about the choices i’ve made in my life. some have been mediocre. some not so much. really, if i were to be completely honest with you, if my choices make me who i am, i’m not so sure i like who i’ve become. i’ve made some pretty poor choices. and for some reason unbeknownst to me i continue to make poor choices. i’m well aware that God is a forgiving God and His grace is available to me. but at some point i’ve GOT to step it up.

“life is a sum of all your choices” – albert camus


2 responses to “choices=identity

  1. Woah! NO you may NOT link my blog! Okay well I guess you can, it’s just that I don’t really use it very much and I didn’t know that it was publicized…. As far as I know, Lynse is that only person that I even told that it existed so this is a new kind of exposure that I didn’t prepare for. Maybe this means I have to use it more…. hmmm….

    Sorry if I scared you in the beginning there. 🙂

  2. i’ll unlink it if you want. i guess it is personal and should have asked first. oops 🙂 LOVE YOU

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