forever ruined

i am forever ruined. i’ve had a glimpse, a taste if you will, of the best of the best. i really think God has allowed me to see what He has in store for me in the days to come. and now that i’ve tasted it, there is no going back to what i knew before. okay, it’s like this. say you love spaghetti. it’s one of your favorite foods. and you’ve had some pretty good spaghetti. but one day, a friend of yours takes you to this italian restaraunt that you’ve never been to before. you’ve heard it is the best place in town but had never experienced it for yourself. you finally get the chance to go and you order the spaghetti b/c it’s what they’re known best for. with the first bite you realize that you’ve never tasted anything like it. it’s the best spaghetti you’ve ever had. there is no comparing it to anything you’ve ever had before. there is now no way you could go back to eating at the olive garden. catch my drift? this is how it is for me. i have people telling me all the time that God has the best for me. and i’ve never doubted it. but until you actually experience His best, you really never fully understand it. i’m so grateful that He allowed me to come face to face with the best that He has to offer, even if it was for a short moment. it encourages me to hold on to the hope that one day i will be facing it day after day after day…………


One response to “forever ruined

  1. forever ruined for the ordinary. what He has for your is extraordinary!

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