i love the under dog

ok. so i’m not that much of a nba fan. i love sports. i can pretty much get in to any sport. and i love playoffs. the other night i was flipping through the t.v. and stopped to catch part of whatever bball game was on. the game had been on for a while and i didn’t know who was playing. on the little scoreboard box that was displayed in the corner of my screen it said GS and DAL. it didn’t take me long to figure out that dallas was one of the teams but i couldn’t figure out who GS was until finally one of the broadcasters said golden state. golden state? who the heck are they? i ended up not watching the rest of that game but i did wonder how a team i had never even heard of made it to the playoffs. come to find out, they barely made it into the playoffs. i think it was actually their last game in the regular season that bought them a spot in the playoffs. i think that is how i heard it. but, not only did they make it to the playoffs but they get the “priviledge” of playing the best team in the league. or at least that is what i’m hearing. they are now leading the series 3-1 and only have to win one more game to move on to the next round. they play in dallas tonight or tomorrow night (i’ve got to find out). i’m holding out hope that they can pull it off. i’m going to watch just for the possibility that they might actually win. who is with me? GO WARRIORS!!!!!


2 responses to “i love the under dog

  1. ok, so they didn’t win last night. but they will be back in oakland on thursday. home team advantage, right? AND, they didn’t lose by much last night. GO WARRIORS!!!!!

  2. ahh sad for them, seriosuly nevr heard of them.

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