takes me back

i drank one of these today. yes, i realize that i said in a previous post that i was giving up “cokes”. but i don’t consider this a coke. i needed a treat, a pick-me up, if you will. as soon as i took a sip, it immediately took me back to when i was younger (yes i can remember that far back, sometimes).  in an instant, i had a memory of grape soda and vanilla ice cream. i can remember eating this and i associate it with my mom. i don’t have many pleasant memories of her and this is one. it’s good to be reminded of those. so, grape soda, takes me back. what takes you back?


3 responses to “takes me back

  1. hmmm…i had to think on this one.
    i think coke floats remind me of my childhood because my brother and i would try to make them, but would make a massive mess instead. we’d have to get our dad to do it for us.

  2. grapico reminds me of getting my hair cut at this one place in mobile, b/c i would always get one out of the machine there.

  3. strawberries always remind me of when i was little and would come in from swimming. i would be starving and would think i was so cool to have a ‘smorgasbord’ of every kind of food we had in the fridge. my mom never failed to have strawberries stocked up. i would get out the jar of sugar and dip the right in it and eat them. very good. and pretty sure that’s why i was hardly ever cavity-free.

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