love always protects

i thought i knew much about what it means to guard your heart. when you hear this phrase you may immediately think of two people in a dating relationship who are trying to “guard their hearts” so that they don’t fall to fast or say or do something prematurely. when i’m in a new relationship it is partly my responsibility to guard my heart and his. now, i’m no expert in this area, obviously, and so therefore i won’t waste your time trying to explain how to guard your heart from being hurt. but, the Lord taught me an invaluable lesson in the responsibility i have to help guard my friends hearts. this is something that i’ve never given much thought to. and it’s not always going to fall on me but when its in my power to take care of them, then i should do what it takes to keep them safe. 1 Corinthians 13 speaks of how love always protects. i love my friends. they are one of my most treasured blessings. and by loving them i take on the task of protecting them. i failed to protect one of my dearest friends this past weekend. b/c of my lack of action, i hurt her. the details of what happened are dispensable to my purpose of this blog. when she told me that she was hurt i immediately apologized b/c i hated that she was upset. but i have to be truthful and say that my apology was only half sincere. b/c on one level i understood how one could be upset but on another level i just couldn’t wrap my brain around why it affected her to the degree that it did. i spent the majority of sunday trying to figure it all out. typically i try to figure it out on my own or seek others advice but i decided to just talk to God and ask Him to help me. this is the journey He took me on: 1 Corinthians 13 which then led me to 1 Corinthians 10: 23-24 to Romans 15:1-2 to Romans 14: 14-22 to Romans 15:5-6 to Romans 15:13. this hodgepodge of scripture reminded me of unity and what love really is and not causing others to stumble. but i rested in Romans 14 for quite a bit. at first, i couldn’t really put my finger on what it was that God was trying to show me. b/c if you read those verses, it really had nothing to do with my situation. but then it hit me. it was almost as if i could physically feel the slap in the face. i had been dwelling on the fact that i just couldn’t understand why my friend was upset. when all along God was trying to tell me that He didn’t give a flip whether i understood it or not. me not understanding it didn’t change the fact that she was still upset. you can’t argue with emotions. i’m not sure if you would have received the same message i did after reading that scripture but none the less, thats what i got from it. and i was floored with the realization that i have a responsibility to protect her. i had an opportunity to do that and i failed miserably. it was a huge life lesson. i thank my Father for His grace and her forgiveness. i am now more aware of what i can do and what i shouldn’t do to be on my guard not only for my own heart but for those that i claim to love. be cautious when you tell someone that you love them. b/c when you do that you automatically take on many roles.


2 responses to “love always protects

  1. Thank you for this wonderful post..with your permission may I add you to my blogroll

  2. Wow Tracie! What powerful words and thank you for sharing the journey that God took you on. It truly blessed me and spoke to my heart!

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