what summer brings

ok, so i know that it’s not officially summer but i started thinking about what summer holds for me and what it is that i look forward to. here is my list:

1. going to disney world for the first time.

2. lori and julie coming back from china.

3. a possible wedding on the beach (not mine)

4. hell’s kitchen.

5. getting back into running.

6. each day is one day closer to college football.

7. big brother 8

8. my lunch small group that will be on fridays at 1:00.

9. coth new building.

10. saving money by moving into my sister’s house.

11. possibly catching up on lost.

12. attending a new small group.

13. it’s just bound to be better than last summer.

14. a possible trip to 6 flags. anyone up for it?

15. emma jo turning 1.

16. desperation conference.

17. our agency is having a fairy tale ball and i just think thats going to be fun.

18. being involved in the coth tuscaloosa campus. this will technically happen in september, but whatever.

19. evan almighty.

20. getting a tan.

what are you looking forward to?


5 responses to “what summer brings

  1. 1. the beach
    2. the call
    3. the beach
    4. more babies due
    5. the beach

  2. #1: You have never been to Disney? I’m going into shock. If you need any advice or recommendations, let me know! I might be a Disney junkie.

    #11: You HAVE to catch up on Lost!

    #17: Oooh, I want to hear about the Fairy Tale Ball! Can I come?

    #18: Are you going to be over the Nursery/PS there?

  3. Amanda:
    #1 – any advice you can give me would be much appreciated.
    #11 – i tried in the past but was also catching up on 24. 24 won. now i’m completely caught up and should be able to stick to lost.
    #17 – yes you can come. for a small fee. 🙂 seriously, i’ll get you info. later.
    #18 – yes, lisa is putting me in charge there. i’m excited.

  4. 1. the lake
    2. china
    3. portland
    4. allie coming home
    5. fairy tale ball (i need a date!!!)
    6. my many small groups
    7. church of the highlands new building….finally!!!
    8. the beach
    9. less traffic on 280
    10. outdoor concerts???
    11. friday flicks in the park, seriously going this year!!!!
    12. license to wed (mansy moore and john krasinski 🙂 )
    13. evan almighty- fo sho’
    14. getting a tan
    15. tuesday night game night
    16. wedding on the beach (we are totally going!)

  5. ok, i want in on this action

    -uh, friday night flicks in the park!
    – i’m totally up for six flags!
    – i want to see evan almight too, and the “jim” movie!

    ok, my list
    1. getting a cat!
    2. more iced coffee
    3. catching up on 24
    its short for now…

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