missions trip

i went to a prayer meeting for a missions trip tonight. i was overcome with emotion. this is a trip that will consist of 70 something teenagers. during the prayer time, i sat against the window looking at the room full of young people. they are giving up 2 weeks of their summer to go and serve jesus and serve others. along with the teenagers, some of my best friends will also be going on this trip. i believe this will be life changing for all of them. i can’t wait to see them and talk to them when they return. i remember coming back from my first missions trip. it messed me up. there were no words to describe my experience. it wasn’t an easy adjustment for me. it just does something to you. no doubt lives will be changed. i believe that there will be people who will hear the calling on their lives to be missionaries. i’m believing for them that they will see miracles happen right before their eyes. i’m believing for a lot.

been on a missions trip? how did it change your life?


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