be careful what you ask for

b/c you just might get it. i think it was tuesday night, i was sitting out on my deck. ok, so it’s not so much a deck. it’s a balcony, but whatever. i was sitting out there reading and talking to God. i desperately wanted a word from Him. and not on anything in particular but just wanted Him to speak to me whatever it was that He wanted to tell me. and so i asked Him to give me a verse. well, a scripture popped in my head and so i proceeded to turn to it. it was ezekiel 5:11. go and read it and then come back and have a laugh with me. the thing is, it couldn’t be any closer to the truth. ugh!!!!


One response to “be careful what you ask for

  1. There are no comments yet….and i still have nothing to say.

    So you are left with no comments. 😉

    lets hang out and work on our blogs….

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