this one is just for ashley

recent happenings in my life: i’ve moved. will move again in about 8 days. don’t ask me where b/c i don’t know. i got my hair cut on saturday and am loving it. really it’s not much different than previous short cuts, but my hair had become kinda long for me. it was due time. i’m going to cook some yummy lasagna tonight for lori and katy’s small group. you and reid should come and play with us tonight. we’re going to play balderdash. my faith is being stretched like none other. i have several blogs rolling around in my head but not much time to write them. i had one person tell me something on sunday that has reminded me of what i’m suppose to be doing as far as ministry goes. i had someone else tell me something sunday night that confirms some things that the Lord has been trying to tell me. i’m trying to figure out facebook. i just got finished drinking a loverly cup of o.j. i think i’m about to eat a fuji apple. that makes my morning. i’m currently listening to “redeemer” by nicole c. mullens. great song. gets me fired up. we have no trainings here at work all week and that makes me excited. i’m only off work on wednesday and that makes me a little sad. i’ve got to figure out where to drop off my cable modem box. sorry it has taken me this long to post. packing and moving really puts a damper on my blogging 🙂


4 responses to “this one is just for ashley

  1. yes! yes! ashley and reid should come to my place tonight!!! and sheena and casey too!!!!

  2. what time? we’re meeting with our realtor right after work.

  3. oh and thanks!!! i loved this blog!

  4. the group starts at 6:30, but come whenever you can

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