on the road again

i’ll be moving on saturday. this will make the 3rd weekend in a row. the first time, i helped my roommate move. i moved me, my cat and my stuff into my sisters this past saturday. i’ll be moving again this saturday. i don’t like moving for several reasons. 1 – it makes me tired. 2 – i can’t afford movers and i feel bad asking friends to help me move b/c i’m sure they dislike moving just as much as the next person. 3 – it makes me tired. the whole reason i made the decision to move in the first place was so i could save some money. my plan was to move in with my sister b/c she graciously offered to let me live their rent free. pretty sweet deal, right? well, shortly after making that decision, my sister told me that she’d be moving. but at this point, it was still going to work out. it’s been challenging for us to find a place to live on such short notice and b/c i have a cat and she has four cats and one dog. so, to sum that part of the story up, i decided it might be easier for me to find somewhere else to live. and my thought process was that now i don’t really have a choice and will pay rent. i’m not necessarily in a place where i can’t pay rent but my plan is to pay some stuff off, save some money and buy my own place to live. this is the goal. so last night is when i realized i was going to have to figure out who i could live with. the CRAZY thing about all of this is that i have not been worried. even though i wasn’t sure where i’d be living in 5 days, i was kind of having fun with it. i really feel like there is reason why i’m not going to be tied down somewhere. it’s just a feeling i have. after sending out an email this morning, i got a call from a friend and she told me that i could come live with them for as long as i needed. i’m so thankful for these friends. but i am so grateful to my God. He’s so consistent and faithful. this past few weeks have really been a time of stretching my faith. and i’ve loved every second of it. i’m so thankful to my sister for allowing me to stay at her place this past week. even if her cat has been bullying my cat. poor ebbie has been shut up in this one bedroom for 6 days. bless his heart. anyway, let me just encourage you to be obedient to what you KNOW God is telling you to do. i promise you He’ll bless you for it. i love you so much Father. You amaze me at how much you continue to do for me b/c i’m the last person who deserves any of it.


3 responses to “on the road again

  1. I love your faith! Thanks for sharing!! Love you!

  2. Will you ever settle? I didn’t know you were moving, but hey, who am I to know much of anything these days!!Great to spend a little bit of time with you over the 4th!!Sorry I had divided loyalities…Let me know where you settle and even though you won’t IF you EVER need a place to stay, you are ALWAYS welcome here!!
    Love ya!!

  3. tracie…it’s been a month now. why are you not blogging? we need some updates. for real!!

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