vroom, vroom

i picked up my new car last night. and when i say new, i mean that its new for me. my friend taylor moved to israel in july and has been trying to sell her car. i found myself without a car a couple of weeks ago and have been relying on family and friends to cart me around everywhere. God, being the amazing Provider that He is, orchestrated all of this beautifully. i remembered that taylor was selling her car and i contacted her and to save you from hearing all the details, i am now a proud driver of a volvo s70. i’m so thankful i can’t even begin to explain it. i just thought i would give a little tid bit of an update to what was the latest happening in my life.

the other latest happening is that i’m interviewing for a promotion here at work. i have to go up and answer some pre-interview questions at 9 this morning. not sure yet when my interview will be. but if y’all think about it, please be in prayer for this whole process. i love my current position and really have no desire to leave childcare resources. i think this new position, which would be a managers position, would be a great experience.

anyways, there you have it. two new things going on with tracie snipes.


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