thanks, but no thanks

i don’t know a lot. but one thing i do know is that i am definitely walking, at times crawling, thru a season of being stretched and humbled. its cool because God is showing me so much but its a little overwhelming because its SO MUCH. its hard to keep up with everything thats going on. i recently interviewed for a promotion here at work. it would have been for a manager’s position that would have given me great experience. i was informed on wednesday that they offered the position to someone else. no doubt i was disappointed. i think thats natural. but i respect the decision! the thing is, i knew i lacked the experience but i stayed hopeful. by the time i walked out of myra’s office it was time to leave and so i wrapped things up and left. i drove to church and just sat in my car. i had questions. i immediately turned to psalm 13. i’m being as transparent as i can here. this is how i felt. i was kind of feeling like He had forgotten me.  as i continued to sit there, i had a sudden urge to read about esther. so i opened my bible and just started reading. my bible has “character” profiles and so i started reading hers. i just started laughing. part of her profile talked about how she was appointed queen just at the right time. she was in that position for a reason/purpose. and it wasn’t for her purpose but for Gods purpose. it went on to talk about how its the same for us. we might not know why we are where we are but the Lord does. the God of the universe knows. ok, so i realize that the practical reason i didn’t get the job was because someone else had more experience. but i really believe that God has His own reasons.  and i don’t have to know what those reasons are, which i see as a relief. i’m just grateful that i had enough sense to take this to Him instead of wallowing in my self pity. i just thank my God that He has great purpose for me and that He protects me from the things that i think i want/need. Lord, thank you for knowing whats best for me and thank you for doing what you need to do to keep me on that path that you’ve set before me. i’m grateful to you and ONLY you for my current job and i stand firm on the fact that you have appointed me to be here “for such a time as this”.


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