fond memories part 1

i miss my childhood. i have to laugh as i type that b/c those are words i thought would never escape my lips. reason for that is b/c when i think of my childhood its always the bad times that come to mind. i’m so exhausted of always reliving the sad memories. so i asked the Lord to start reminding me of the good times. this isn’t something He’s done all at once. its in bits and pieces that He’s given them to me. like presents. its been fun for me to remember. i thought i’d share these memories with you. more so that i would have them written down, in the case that i might forget. these are the times that i want to be able to share with my children and grandchildren. b/c the bad times aren’t connected to me anymore. though they are a part of who i’ve become today, they aren’t times that i hold on to. so, the good times…..growing up, daddy was a service man for a propane company. and for a couple of years, each summer, his company would send him to “school”. i’m not sure but i think it was to recieve some sort of licensing. we lived in panama city but he’d have to go some where in south florida for these classes. and as a family, we would go together. some years, it crossed over into the school year and me and my sister would miss a few days of school. however, mama always made sure we had our assignments with us. but that was okay. my clearest memory is of us spending the day at the hotel pool. taking a break and doing some school work and then returning to swim. the pool is the only memory i have of those trips. but it was something we did as a family. i love those times. when we were together. just doing. but doing it together.


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