redefining she

i just got back from our womens retreat. it was called reCreate. we had a guest speaker by the name of jill chambers. friday night she spoke about “redefining she”. i wanted to relay what i got from this message and this weekend. i decided to just let you read my notes. b/c in the moment this is what i got from it and it just doesn’t get any better than that. though i must warn you that my notes might appear to be slightly random. she was a fast talker. so here we go:

God intentionally has me here for such a time is this. if there were two of me and we were exactly alike, then one of me would be unnecessary. romans 12:2 says this, “don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. THEN you will learn to know Gods will for you, which is good & pleasing & perfect.” (learn to know. meaning its not an immediate understanding. He will teach me what His will is.) thats good stuff.

one of the ways of finding out who i am is by finding out who God is! hello, i was created in his image. how i think i am is who i am. t.d. jakes once said, “your life is the expression of your level of thinking.” bottom line is that i must change the way i think about myself. b/c what i believe about myself determines myself. so instead of allowing my thoughts & my words set in, i need to begin to, first, listen to what God is saying to me and about me, and then let those (His words) take up residence in my heart. i typically will protect what is valuable to me. i need to begin to start seeing myself as valuable. b/c i am and therefore need to be protected. I CAN’T KEEP MAKING DYSFUNCITONAL DEPOSTIS IN MY LIFE AND EXPECT MY LIFE TO BALANCE OUT.

i speak my life into existence everyday by the power of my words. I GET WHAT I SAY! if i’m on a search for my significance, the only place i’m going to discover my true significance is by staring straight into the eyes of God.

God isn’t necessarily worried about what i am doing so much as what i’m becoming. what am i becoming? if i don’t allow God to define who i am then i will be mislabeled & misled. and i will be confused about who i am. and the world will label me if i don’t allow God to.

the first time “she” is mentioned in the Bible is in genesis 2:23, “‘at last!’ the man exclaimed. ‘this one is bone of my bone, and flesh from my flesh! she will be called “woman”, b/c she was taken from ‘man’.” God drew me out from man. one way to tell if he is THE ONE is if he draws me out. draws out my purpose, beauty, confidence, etc. the best in me. the next time ‘she’ is mentioned is in genesis 3:6, “the woman was convinced. she saw that the tree was beautiful and its fruit looked delicious….” when God confronts adam about the fruit, adam tells God, “its that woman you gave me. SHE gave it to me to eat”. from the beginning, we as women have been placed under anothers view of who “she” is. from the beginning the enemy has been trying to define us.

who is the SHE God created me to be? the proverbs 31 she.

*trustworthy*intentionally thinking of others*planner*contributes to finances*energetic*strong*takes care of her self*doesn’t over spend*lets goodness last*active*unselfish*thinks ahead*creative*laughs and speaks with fear*

when i doubt, i remove the armour/protection of God.

 these were my notes from the first night. i can’t tell you how i nearly jumped out of my skin when i heard the title of this message b/c just this week i felt like the Lord was asking me, “tracie. who are you?” and i really didn’t have a clear answer for Him. really, i don’t know who i am. i am so made up of other people that its not even funny. and others might not ever realize it but i’ve spent a lifetime taking on other peoples interests and characteristics to feel, i guess, a part of something. this weekend made it oh so clear to me. i’m super excited to allow the Lord to recreate me the way he initially made me. its thrilling to think about Him changing me. i ask you, who are you? if you know, then i applaud you. if you don’t, give it some thought. ask God to show you who you are and be prepared for Him to begin to do a good work in you. i ask that you pray for me as i go through a new season. a season of change. i think the Lord is telling me that there will be some decisons i’ll have to make that won’t be easy nor will it be fun. but for my own good and the well being of my heart, it must be done. thanks for endulging me.


2 responses to “redefining she

  1. all i have to say is wow. just re-reading your notes i am moved again! great word!

  2. You gave me chills! Now you’ve really got me thinking. Your thoughts are so powerful!!! Thank you for sharing this.

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