redefining she part two

on the second day of the womens retreat jill chambers spoke on vision. i don’t know if she titled it but i decided to name it, “what does she see?” following are my notes. again, i tend to be random and scattered.

without a vision i won’t be able to restrain myself. whatever my struggle, i must have a vision of being free from that.

philipians 3:12-14, forget and reach. i must forget the past to see my future. the memories can be used to push us forward but we allow the enemy to come in and hold us back. you can’t reach for things you can’t see. what is it that i see today?

hebrews 11:1, confident assurance that something is going to happen, thats faith. fear is the same thing.

my reach is determined by what i can see. to determine my eyesight i must be looking ahead. when you go to the eye doctor, he/she has you look ahead at the chart. i have the potential to change the outcome of my life by what i see. what am i looking through? she told a story about her two year old daughter who was wearing these pink Dora sunglasses. the lenses were pink, therefore everything she looked was pink to her. what am i looking through? YOU GET WHAT YOU SEE. always look for God in every situation.

ephesians 1:17, to know what to reach for i need to first reach for God. when you don’t have a good vision you end up cuddling compromise. she reminded us of the scene in “adventures in babysitting” when the girl was in the subway station and had lost her glasses. she had picked up a cat and was petting and cuddling it. except that it wasn’t a cat, it was big nasty rat. when you don’t have good vision you end up cuddling compromise. good stuff. fixed yeesight! complete what i started. die away with distractions.

my response is determined by what i see. there is reality and then there is perceived reality. perception determines reception. Jesus couldn’t do any might works in His hometown b/c the people there saw Him as a carpenters son, not a miracle worker. how do is see God?

Attention, this is powerful: rejection is either protection or promotion. rejection doesn’t have to be rejection. rejection is sometimes Gods way of telling me not to go there b/c its not His best for me. this fires me up!!

2 corinthians 5:7, spiritual eyesight goes beyond my natural eyesight. my trust is what gives God the power to move in my life.

my reward is determined by what i see. God wants me to shine my light before them, not at them. when you are walking in the dark with a flashlight, you typically will point it in front of you or on the ground in front of you. you don’t shine it right in your face or someone else face to help them find the way. this is what God wants me to do, shine my light in front of people so they can see the way, not in their faces to where its blinding. Gods rewards are in the spiritual, 1 corinthians 2:9,10,14.

stand in submission. then i will see the salvation of the Lord. i don’t always have to fight, just stand in submission.

i told you it was random. but i guess the main thing i take away from it is that my vision determines a lot. what am i going to let my vision determine for my life?


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