another year gone by

i turned 33 this past saturday. 33. strange age. but i really have to admit that so far, i’ve loved my thirties. i’m not kidding you or trying to make myself feel better when i say that it truly has been the best time of my life. it really does keep getting better. one thing that i do keep realizing is that the older i get the faster the days fly by. i rememeber my last birthday just like it was yesterday. i had dinner that night with some close friends, my sister being one of them, and some new friends. and i love it b/c i had no idea how those new friends would become some of my closest friends now. the Lord has always been so consistent with blessing me by surrounding me with the most amazing people on the face of this earth. i had dinner with those same people this year minus three. one did join us later for some of the best cake i’ve ever put in my mouth. dinner was interesting. we went to mudtown. a place where i have been wanting to go for a while. i had the shrimp and grits. very scrumptious. our waiter was pretty humorous. we thinked he especially liked katy. who can blame him? she is pretty hott. but the highlight of our dining experience was when the guy who was sitting at the table next to us leaned over and asked us a question. he asked if any of us had ever seen the movie “the breakup”. he thought that his waiter looked just like the guy who played jennifer aniston’s brother. apparently in the movie, this guy was a singer in a band called “the tone rangers”. and he would occasionally break out in song. there is no way i would be able to explain how much this guy was cracking us up. but he started talking to us like he had known us forever. he really was funny. i was a little sad for his wife b/c he didn’t really pay her much attention but it seemed to be one of those things that he does often. talk to strangers, not ignore his wife. we pulled out lori’s pink microphone hoping the waiter would do his best impersonation of the “tone ranger” guy. no such luck. he didn’t seem to excited to be compared to a gay, cover band singer. he then proceeded to tell us how someone once said he looked like leonardo decaprio. when he was in “who’s eating gilbert grape”. not so much when he was in “titanic”. i now regret not getting a picture of our new found friends. after dinner we went back to lori’s where another friend joined us for some strawberry cake. sitting around with friends. definitely one of my most favorite things to do. i can’t get enough of it. for real. some of my most favorite people in one room. it rarely gets better than that. there are a few others i wish would have been there. but i’ll take what i can get when i can get it. thanks to you all for sharing my birthday with me. lets do it again next year. what do you say?


3 responses to “another year gone by

  1. yes let’s do. and i’m sorry i missed it!! i hope you had a wonderful 33rd!

  2. happy late birthday!!!!

  3. ahhhh the most fun! move yourself!

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