complex people

people are so complex. psalm 139:14, david saw the beauty in his complexity. i wish everyone could see the same. i see it. and i’m not just talking about in myself, but i see it in others. i really think its a gift from the Lord. sometimes i look at people and i can see deep inside them. probably parts they don’t want anyone to see. some how i feel that i am allowed a glimpse of just how real they are. i see their brokenness, their fear, their grief, their exhaustion….and it reminds me of how none of us are alone though we might be convinced that we are. when you allow yourslef to look at people and i mean really look at them, it opens up an opportunity of understanding and a chance for you to love them like you never would have before. i  find myself sometimes drawn to people who are usually not the favorite. you know those people. the one who gets on everybody’s nerves. or that person who seems to rub people the wrong way. for some reason i have a supernatural love for them. i find myself becoming more aware of how the roughest, toughest, hardest people are the ones who need love the most. but they will be the last ones to tell you that. i get frustrated with people (including myself) when they shun others because they aren’t what they expect them to be. maybe because they’re not friendly enough or they are too quiet or too loud or maybe because they come across as not wanting to make friends. we were all created in Gods image. though in many ways we’re different, we’re made up of the same stuff. we are forgetting to look for the value in people. there is true value. there are occasions when we dismiss people because they fail to do for us what we think they should. we place conditions and expectations on them. its not about you or me, its about them. its about them. what you can do for them.


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