life flashed before me experience

 okay. so y’all read about my great fall on tuesday morning. or was that monday morning? i don’t remember. well the very next morning i had one of those moments when your life flashes before your very eyes. i was walking to work (go figure) and was crossing the pedestrian walkway. i very clearly had the right of way. so i’m just truckin’ along and get about half way across the street when the next thing i know a car that looks like the one in the above picture almost hits me. and i am not exaggerating when i say that it stopped within less of a foot from me. i never saw the car coming. and he never saw me until the last second. he had a passenger with him and i’m assuming they brought to his attention that there was a person crossing the street. he was very apologetic and was saying that the sun was shining right in his eyes and he just didn’t see me. i actually felt bad for the guy. so, this week i’ve learned to be very careful when walking down steps and crossing the street, even when you have the right of way.


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