thanks ash

  lori and i went to an aerobics class last night with ashley. i’m not sure what i was thinking agreeing to go. but i really am glad that i did. we did 20 minutes of step, 20 minutes of toning and 20 minutes of abs (though i don’t think it really was a full 20 minutes of abs). i haven’t worked out in so long. i’m glad i went b/c it put some things into perspective. i really am ashamed of how i’ve “let myself go”. just since the beginning of this year. and the year is almost over and i’ve done nothing to change it. i sat down the other night and wrote out some goals. 6 goals for 6 weeks. 1 for 1 year and 1 for 5 years. one of my 6 weeks goal was to start running again. i’m really excited about it. anyway, part of the aerobics of kickboxing. i felt very empowered. very strong. like i could kick anyones tail. it was fun. i don’t hate you ashley, i love you.


2 responses to “thanks ash

  1. If you need any tips on running just let me know. 🙂

  2. yes thanks ashley. i had a lot of fun and a great workout!!!

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