a time to reminisce

it is that time. that time of year when we all (or at least most of us) begin to reminisce about the previous year. 2007. i can remember waking up on jan. 1, 2007 just like it was yesterday. i remember waking up desperate for jesus. and desperate for him to be in control of everything. i spent most of that day pouring into his word and just praying like i never have before. i don’t say that to sound super spiritual. i say it to be real. there is a saying that whatever it is you spend new years day doing that that is what you will spend the rest of the year doing. i found that to be true this year. not that i spent super amounts of time in the word but i consistently stayed desperate for jesus. and to be honest, i don’t think i could have made it through 2007 w/o him. i thought i knew what ’07 would hold for me. oh how wrong i was. it will go down in the books as one of the hardest years i’ve walked through. it was tough stuff. and i know there are people who had it way worse than i did. my junk is nothing compared to what some have had to endure. don’t get me wrong. i saw many good times this year. 2007 wasn’t a complete waste. actually, i don’t think it was a waste at all. i’m actually grateful for everyday, every tear, every struggle. its from the hardest times that i have gained the most. the lessons that came as a result are priceless. i found myself though, throughout the year just waiting to get through certain times of the year or particular events. especially towards the end of the year. not b/c i was trying to speed up time but mainly b/c there were just certain times of the year that reminded me of previous times. and i just thought, “if i can get through this month or this event then i’ll be good”. the lord was so faithful to protect me. one thing i can say is that i’ve seen him protect me more than ever this year. and for that i’m forever grateful. i will say that though it wasn’t the easiest year of my life, i wouldn’t change anything. i see how i could have done things differently but to wallow in regret would be pointless. i do hope 2008 is better, obviously. one thing i hope doesn’t change is my desperation for his presence in my life. i am reminded daily that i can’t do life w/o him. and when i attempt to that is when it all falls apart. i don’t share all of this so that people feel sorry for me or to bring people down. i really did have a good year. better than i deserved really. really this is all just a reminder to me of how to start out the next year. but not just start out seeking him but to continue to do it over and over and over…………


2 responses to “a time to reminisce

  1. I pray that this year will be a year of great joy and blessing for you!
    Proverbs 16:3 says, “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.”
    You started the first day of 2008 off with a bang. You dedicated it to the Lord, so now you should start planning! Since you’ve committed your year to the Lord, your plans WILL SUCCEED! I have full faith that that is exactly what is going to happen for you. I will be here standing in faith with you as it does.
    Many blessings in this coming year for you!!!

  2. the title of your next blog should be “a time to write a new blog”

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