chic-fil-a biscuit incognito

as i was leaving for work this morning i had a nice surprise waiting on me. the folks who work in our apartment management office were standing outside in the cold, passing out chic-fil-a biscuits. just to wish us a happy easter. they also gave us apple juice and some candy. how sweet is that? i mean, chic-fil-a biscuits. i’m not sure i should have eaten mine b/c it’s not settling well with me. but, to be honest, not much has these past few days. as i was eating it i was thinking of how expensive it must have been to buy that many biscuits. and then i realized something. they weren’t chic-fil-a biscuits at all. i mean, it was the chic-fil-a chicken but the chicken was not between a biscuit. it was between a bun. a bun? yes, a bun! it actually wasn’t bad. did they try to pull a fast one over on us? one of the best parts is the biscuit. but, beggars can NOT be choosers and i was very thankful for the free food this morning. i’m all about the free food. so, i say all of that to say that MY APARTMENT IS BETTER THAN YOUR APARTMENT. unless you got free IHOP or something. and if that’s the case, where do you live?


7 responses to “chic-fil-a biscuit incognito

  1. i think you ate a chicken sandwich for breakfast.

  2. somehow that doesn’t sound as appetizing, does it?

  3. Glad you had a warm, chicken “biscut” for breakfast. My parents use to live in some apartments that would serve dinner for everyone in the complex ever so often, have cookouts, etc. It was great! The food was awesome too….Petruccelli’s, Carraba’s, etc. GREAT place! I must say that none of the 4 different complexes we’ve lived in here in Bham have done that. 😦 So sad!!!

  4. I had a friend who lived at Stonecrest and they did that. We would go over and eat with her 🙂 Apparently, I just heard from my roommate that she got an actual biscuit. Not sure what’s going on with that. I get a roll and she gets a biscuit??

  5. i also got berry juice instead of apple juice.
    guess they saw me coming and pulled out the best. that’s all i can say about that.

  6. Guess so. I mean, they saw the convertible Saab and was like “Ok, people. We got a VIP coming. Break out the berries and biscuits.” WHATEVER!!

  7. hmm…we got something like that once at our old apt. complex.
    not so much anymore with the house.
    chewy should be making us breakfast!

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