many names of good friday

great friday – israel

passion friday – russia
holy friday – italy
sad friday – arabic
long friday – sweden
day of Christ’s suffering – china
high friday – armenia

i think my favorites are great and passion. yes it was a sad day but He did a great thing for us that was filled with a passion that i’ve yet to experience with anyone else or any other day. 

i don’t have words to express my thoughts of today. all i know is there was a man, named Jesus, who had me on His heart the day He was tortured, beaten, and ridiculed. before i was ever a thought in my parent’s mind, He knew me. and He knew He had to die for me so that i can experience the freedom that i have today. all i have to try and pay Him back is how i live my life. and unfortunately, i fail miserably at it everyday. but it try just the same. to live my life in a way that would show others His love for them. that is my prayer everyday when i wake up is that at least one person will see the love of Jesus. to know that there is someone who loves them so much that they would die for them. that He did die for them. i think of how many people walk through this world thinking that they are alone and have no one to love them. it hurts my heart. i’ve posted a video for you to watch. my prayer is that you don’t just watch it and say, “that was a good song.” my prayer is that you have a worship experience like you never have before. that you see Jesus like you never have before. i hope you all have an amazing “Great Friday”.


One response to “many names of good friday

  1. wow. such a great song.

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