a few of my favorite things

i am feeling a little nostalgic today and was thinking about some of my favorite things:
walking barefoot in the grass
listening to some billie holiday
the cabin in riverbend
being able to drive around with the windows down for the first time this year
being curled up with a book that i just can’t put down
holding hands with someone special for the first time
hot tazo passion tea
good photography & more good photography
just enjoying someone’s presence, not talking
2 year olds
seeing someone walk in their purpose
watching a groom watch his bride walk down the aisle
going to the movies by myself
childrens books
scent of hazelnut
lemon flavored anything, almost anything

what are some of your favorite things?


3 responses to “a few of my favorite things

  1. outdoor concerts
    white mochas
    seeing old friends and being able to talk like no time has past
    road trips

  2. just watching my children
    being able to lay out in the sun
    seeing my “God Friend”
    people smiling just because
    my parents
    Mt. Dew
    blue eyes
    my dogs

  3. Misty, I love you. Can’t wait to spend 5 days with you.

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