help me help you

i’m not sure if everyone knows what i do everyday. i work for an agency called childcare resources where i am a child development consultant. i train child care providers. people interested in opening up their own child care center or teachers who are just renewing their hours that are required by the state. i presented a three hour training this morning on how to work with families in the good times and the bad. we spent a lot of time talking about how no one is immune to a crisis. there is no way to determine who will have to walk through such a thing. i got the participants to share a little of their own experiences and one woman shared her story. i won’t go in to the specifics but she just shared how she’s at a point where she doesn’t know what to do next b/c she has exhausted all of her resources. another lady spoke up and shared with her that she thinks she can help her. she has her own business that could provide some services for her, for free. now, b/c i left out the specifics, it might not seem that big of deal to you, but we were all crying. it literally took me a good two minutes before i could continue. i was so touched by this lady offering to help another and not knowing her from anyone. and it helped make my point beautifully b/c we were talking about how many parents refuse to ask for help b/c their afraid of showing a weakness. it’s refreshing to see people help each other. i see people tearing each other down all the time and it was heart warming to see that this lady who had a hit a wall was finally going to get some assistance that she needed for her children. i say all this to say that if you need help, ask. we have no idea what resources/support surrounds us. i think a lot of people are waiting to help but are waiting to be asked. stop waiting people. just do it!


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