our houseguest

stacie and i have a new houseguest for a few days. his name is scooby. scooby is keith and carla’s cat. he staying with us b/c k & c are in transition of moving and where they are staying right now, people are allergic to cats. and since they were nice enough to house me and my cat for a few months, i figured it was the least i could do. i should have consulted ebbie first b/c he sure wasn’t happy. he immediately tried to attack scooby while he is still inside the pet carrier. ebbie, who is afraid of his own shadow. i think he just wanted to show scooby who was boss. little does ebbie know, he’s not the boss either. it took two full days for the two of them to make nice. and i’m still not sure they are really happy with each other but they have definitely calmed down some. scooby is also an outside cat. i think he’s been looking for ways to get outside. and one of the ways he’s trying to escape is through stacie’s bedroom. he keeps trying to get through her door. and he has the craziest meow you’ve ever heard. stacie got a taste of it this morning at 4:30 a.m. uh uh, not cool. stacie stressed to me how much she hates cats. it’s kind of funny. she did say thought that compared to other cats she thinks ebbie is an angel. i have to agree. here is a pic. you can leave a comment here and tell me how cute he is.


3 responses to “our houseguest

  1. why, yes tracie, your cat is the cutest cat i’ve ever seen. stacie is right, he is an angel.

  2. um…i’m pretty sure that you just commented on your own blog!!!
    and thanks, tracie, because now all the other cats and cat owners are going to be mad. you just gave me away.

  3. He is cute! So furry and fluffy!

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