my beach trip

last wednesday i headed out with some friends to pcb. i had the best time. it was so nice to get away from bham and just chill. the weather was perfect. or at least it was the first two days. on saturday it wasn’t very breezy and so it was pretty toasty. but thursday and friday….i couldn’t have asked for better weather. i needed this trip tremendously. it was so good for me to be able to sleep until my body woke me up. no alarms clocks. ahh, heaven on earth. and i went with a great group of people who i don’t get to see enough of. i love my church. i guess a downfall is that it is so big that i don’t get to see people i use to see all the time. brian/andi, linda/adam, tyler, buxton, carla and christi. i’ve known these people for at least 6 years. i love these people. it was just a good group to be on vaca with. everyone was laid back and relaxed. our days consisted of sleeping in, eating breakfast, going to the beach, playing some volleyball or paddle ball, basking in the sun, eating lunch, taking a shower, cooking dinner or going out to eat, putt-putt, go carts, dominoes, phase 10, saying the word “what” or “huh” 50 billion times……and much to my dismay i don’t have one picture to share with you guys. my camera is on the fritz so there were no pics taken by me. linda took a few so i hope to see those soon. i was sad to come back home. well, not really, more just sad to come back to work.

what did you do this weekend?


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