on aug. 23 i have the amazing honor of being in the wedding of these two people:

this will be the first time that i’ve been in a wedding of TWO of my bff’s at the same time. and the wedding party is packed full of close friends. i’m super excited. yesterday i had to call in my measurements for my bridesmaid dress. i had a co-worker take my measurements and then i placed the call. after giving the lady my numbers she pulled up the designers size chart. this is what followed:
store lady: “well according to your bust and hip size you will need a size 10. but according to your waist size you are a size 18.”
me: silence
store lady: “so which size do you want to get?”
me: “um well, i usually fluctuate between a size 8 and 10.”
store lady: “well according to this chart you might want to get a size 18.”
me: “well i know i’m not a size 18.” (said in a matter of fact tone, not in a snobbish i’m smaller than that tone)
store lady: “well once we order the dress, it’s yours.”
me: “yes i know. but let’s just go with the size 10”.
store lady: “ok if thats what you want.”

it was quite a funny conversation. i felt better when stacie called later and had a similar experience. after grilling the lady about what sizes everyone else ordered. can they tell her my sizes? maybe i should sue. maybe i can get my dress for free. just kidding. or am i?

and the stomach crunches begin…..


8 responses to “36-34-39

  1. Oh yeah! I checked the size chart on House of Brides and it’s TOTALLY SCREWED UP…. the measurements on the chart are totally unrealistic… did you ever get that email with Barbie’s real proportions and how she couldn’t walk upright if she was human… yep… pretty much the size chart for the dress…. and I checked out other designers and it’s pretty much the same way. I wonder if the designers get a kick back from alterations shops for giving them so much business… that ‘s the only thing I can surmise from it all. It’s madness and really bugs me. I want to order a dress for myself but I’m a little concerned. I am NOT ORDERING an 18!!!! REDICULOUS!!!!

    Love you girl!

  2. ha! no, you can’t sue! if it wasn’t for the leak, i would be fitting two of me in my own dress! measurements are absurd.

  3. WHAT IN THE WORLD!!??? thats just crazy!

    ps- I’m full time training now…so if you want a trainer…come to FT on Valleydale…

  4. whoops– this is ashley! not reid!

  5. That is so funny!! But I’ve known you longer than most anyone around and well, you’ve never been a size 18!! Wonder what they would have tried to fit me in to?

  6. wait? how do we have the same bust measurements????? hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

  7. That is HILARIOUS!!! I SO remember those days. It used to drive me crazy every time I was in a friend’s wedding, would call, and the ladies at the bridal shoppes would always give me some ridiculously large size (only ridiculous because it was always like 10 sizes larger than I would normally wear). Every time I would tell them what size I normally would wear, they would insist that they run VERY small and that I needed to order 22 sizes larger. And EVERY time, the dress would be HUGE, and I would have to pay tons of money to have it taken in…at their shoppes. I think it’s a cycle… a money cycle. 🙂
    I think you did the right thing. Let us know how it turns out. :):):)

  8. That is funny! When my DH was in his brothers wedding a few months ago they wanted to give him a tux that was SIX sizes too big! He did what you did and went with what he knows!

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