what i would rather be doing

if i could have my dream job it would be to own my own childrens book store. i so bad want to own my childrens book store. i love childrens books. all kinds. picture books. story books. pop-up books, board books, oh the list could go on and on. i think my love for books started when i was little. my dad would go out of town for work and he would on occasion bring me back pop-up books. i can kick myself ten times for not keeping them. and they would always be educational books. i can remember two in particular. one was about the nina, pinta, and the santa maria. and then i vaguely can remember one about jungle animals. they were the kind that would pop-up or you would have to pull a tab and it would make an illustration move. anyways…..i think also having a background in education, i know the importance of reading, even at an early age. it’s sad b/c to love childrens books so much i have a poor collection. some of my favorites are the giving tree, knuffle bunny, caps for sale, amazing grace and anything by eric carle.

i would be a great childrens book store owner……what is your favorite childrens book? or even better, what is a dream of yours that you have yet to fulfill but still plan to?


5 responses to “what i would rather be doing

  1. I always wanted to be Meg Ryan in You’ve got Mail. H

  2. interesting. my dream is to be co-owner of a children’s book store with you. and have a coffee shop attached for the parents 🙂
    the velveteen rabbit and the poky little puppy and anything dr. seuss are some of my favorites

  3. also how did you get the cool layout?

  4. Heather – Did Meg Ryan not have the best life in that movie? That is what made me want to have a bookstore.

    Lori – I found the picture online.

  5. i like the trees

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