positive post tuesday

i have stumbled across a new blog that i’ve added to my “blogs i frequently stalk” blogroll. (brody, is that weirder than using the word “lurk”?) every tuesday he does something he has coined as “positive post tuesday” and he is encouraging others to follow suit. so, i think i will do just that. with all the negativity that is happening around us and around the world, we need some positive, right? ok, so here is what you do. just pick something to be positive about. blog about someone who means something to you. or something marvelous Jesus has done for you. or something that would encourage another. just think of the many times you have felt down in the dumps and you do something nice for someone or you start to focus on something great and your attitude immediately changes. it’s already happening, right? you are thinking about someone who has made a difference in your life or you’re thinking about that great piece of toast you had this morning and your day is already becoming brighter, isn’t it? told ya. ok, so here is my numero uno positive post tuesday:

worship at workplay. workplay is a local venue here in birmingham. they always have some great names come and perform. i’ve seen some of the best shows there. for example, i went and saw this guy and this girl. i saw these guys there once, which was a stellar show. and, oh yeah, i saw this guy there as well. well, last night they had worship at workplay. daniel bashta and jason morant came together and gave us an amazing worship experience. i loved that i could gather with about 200 of my brothers and sisters and just worship Him. right in the heart of birmingham, we were able to congregate at a secular venue to worship our Great King. i literally felt myself come undone last night. thank you to workplay for opening up your doors. no doubt you will be blessed for that. thank you to daniel and jason for leading us in worship. i dont know jason but i know daniel. and daniel, if you are reading this, the Holy Spirit was all over you last night. God has given you an amazing gift/talent that you no doubt put to good use. i love your heart for worship. i am encouraged by how giving you are as well. always giving back. we miss seeing/hearing you every week at highlands. but i have no doubt our Father is going to go with you and taylor to auburn and bless the socks off of the people down there. look forward to seeing y’all again real soon.


3 responses to “positive post tuesday

  1. that’s very cool that you have such a venue to see great shows and have intimate worship! those places are rare.

  2. I had NO CLUE that people like Sandra McCracken sang at workplay!! I would have LOVED to go and hear her. Who knew?!?!?

  3. Stalk, Lurk… either way … thanks for stopping by.

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