let the people speak

ok. i have several posts swimmng around in my head. i’m still trying to decide what to write about next. so, i thought i’d let you decide. you know, let the people speak. just leave a comment with what you want to read about next. LET THE VOTING BEGIN:

1-my ideal commander-in-chief (what the president would be like if i could create my “perfect” president)
2-my top 5 celebrities that i’d like to hang out with and why. and then you get to pick your top 5.
3-the miracle that i got to witness while i was at the beach.

as you think about this i’ll leave you with a qoute from one of my favorite guys on the planet, my godson, eli. we were driving after dinner one night while we were at the beach and he was asking me questions and started talking about last names. he asked me what my last name was and i told him. he repeated it and then he said this:

“even though you have a different last name, you are still a part of our family.”

it doesn’t get any better than that. i love you eli.

now, go vote.


3 responses to “let the people speak

  1. Well I’ll have to vote for the beach one…but I am a little bias!!!
    I’m glad that you remembered that, he says so much stuff I forget to remember (does that make any sense?) HE is precious isn’t he!!!

  2. I’m voting for the beach one as well!

  3. i meant to vote for the miracle 🙂

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