my ideal commander-in-chief

hint: it’s not one of the two above. and it’s not a combination of the two above. oh and it’s not the republican candidate, john mccain. it’s not looking good for me come november is it?

first let me say that no matter one’s thoughts/feelings about barak obama, you had to stop and think last night about the history that was being made. the first african-american nominated as one of the presidential candidates. thats big. HUGE. i hope you had a chance to hear his speech last night. he’s is no doubt a great speaker. now, i must tell you that i don’t know a lot about politics. i don’t necessarily know how things work and what has to be done to really make things happen. but i do have a few thoughts on what i’d like to see happen in our country as i’m sure you do as well.

1 – i’d like to have the leader of the “free” world to value life. i’m tired of hearing people say they don’t personally believe in abortion but that it’s ok for someone else. you are either for it or against it. i want to see someone have enough guts to really stand for what they believe.

2 – i’d like to see someone who will fight for and protect israel. all this talk about a “peace” treaty and peacefully dividing up land to make everyone happy, it’s all bull. if you say you are a believer of the bible then you better read it again. it is clear that whoever “messes” with the Holy Land will pay the consequences. i really believe that our country is headed for destruction if we continue to play a part in dividing up israel.

3 – i’d like to see our military come home. i’m not saying i’m against the war. i am very proud of the men and women who are sacrificing their lives for me. for little ‘ol me, living in alabama, complaining about how my hair frizzes and flips up due to the humidity outside. i mean, really? do i really complain about such things? unfortunately, yes. i wouldn’t have a clue as to how to thank the service men and women who are losing their lives and spending crazy amounts of time away from their families. i do think good things have come from the war. it just saddens me to keep hearing about the lives that are lost almost daily. and not just american lives but lives of the iraqi people. a reminder: God loves them too. i tend to forget that He knows the plans for their lives as well. i don’t know the best way to do this, to bring home our people and still assure the iraqi (am i spelling that right?) people that things will continue to get better. this is a tough one.

4 – i’d like to have a president who knows the importance of early childhood education. and do something about it. if you don’t know by now, these are the most impressionable years of a persons life. i’d like to see more money be poured in to the early childhood education programs. i’d like to see higher standards for these educators. and i would of course like to see the pay higher for these teachers as well.

5 – this next one is really out there, but this is my fantasy remember? i mean, if you are gonna dream, dream big, right? i’d love to see a president who not only claims to believe in God but believes in Jesus. one who loves Jesus. one who prays for america. not just behind closed doors but also in front of the press. people argue that we shouldn’t mix politics with faith. this drives me crazy. if one claims to be a christian and have a relationship with Christ, well i want to see that. i want to see it in what he says AND what he does. i dream of a president who is truly sold out for Jesus. wouldn’t that be fun? wait? what? oh, sorry, i doze off for a few seconds. dreaming again…..

i know there are a lot of other “issues” that are important to our country. the ones i’ve mentioned are the ones on top of my list. whether you agree or not , it doesn’t really matter b/c this is my blog 🙂 however, i would love to hear about your “fantasy” president.

feel free to doze off and dream with me…….


2 responses to “my ideal commander-in-chief

  1. sounds like obama to me.

  2. Tracie… that ALL sounds good! I suspect you are more “political” than you think! Do you vote? Then that’s good enough in my book! Career politicians make me want to barf. Anyway, I’m not super-excited about our choices in November but McCain is probably not nearly as bad as many staunch Republicans would have us believe. Besides, it’s going to be either him OR Obama. Not some mythical 3rd party candidate on a white horse (but maybe Jesus will just show up on His white horse before then!) so I’d rather McCain, who at least has always been anti-abortion on record. That’s actually quite big in my book. Take care and keep dreamin’!

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