sometimes (more often than not) i will be driving down the street, highway, and/or interstate and i see a random shoe. and it’s always just one shoe. this baffles me. i mean, where is the other shoe? was the owner of the shoe riding in a car with one of their legs out the window? was the owner of the shoe being chased by a wild boar and they lost their shoe in the process? why didn’t the owner come back for the shoe? i mean, if i had lost a shoe i would definitely come back for it. what good is one shoe without it’s match? and if the owner doesn’t come back for it, what happens to the lonely shoe? i’d like answers.

have you ever lost a shoe and decided it wasn’t worth going back to get?


10 responses to “question!

  1. Every time I see a lone shoe, I think of you! I guess I never thought much of it before you first posted on this subject, but now I always wonder the same thing…how do you lose ONE shoe? And how is it that SO many people manage to do it?

  2. ONLY YOU!!!

  3. Found you via Whittaker Woman. Great blog! We have a family of 5 which means daily there are 10 shoes flying around the house. Beyond the shoe, what I don’t understand is why they live every where but on the rack? :0)

  4. 6justmyopinion

    This is great..Very good questions. I loev the waty you think.



  5. 6justmyopinion

    Wow…I meant “I love the way you think…” so sorry..


  6. I wonder the same thing!!!!

    There were TONS of lone abandoned shoes in Hawaii. Pretty weird.

  7. I once heard that when you see shoes on the side of the road, someone has been in an accident and a shoe flew off. I am sure this is an urban legend, but I like to help them out as much as I can.:)

  8. Every time someone loses a shoe, an angel gets its wings.

  9. Um,not sure about that Anonymous. Is this Jonathon Buxton?

  10. Nope.

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