my other dad

i wrote about my dad yesterday. today i’m writing about my other “dad”. i’ve written about my friend misty. her dad needs our prayers today. his name is tommy bamberg. he really is like my second dad. i love this family like they’re my own. i got an email from misty yesterday asking me to pray b/c he was sick and admitted into the hospital. and then i got another email telling me that it might be more serious than they first thought. i’m thinking they might get some test results back today. please pray. please be in agreement with me that all the tests results will come back negative. that he WILL be healed in Jesus’ name. my prayer is that he will have a clean bill of health. that even as i write this that the Lord is restoring his body back to exactly how He created it to be. i don’t even want to mention what the doctors say he might have b/c i don’t want to put a name on it. the only name i want to declare over mr. tommy is Jehovah Rophe (Healer). will you join me today in prayer for him? thank you.


4 responses to “my other dad

  1. You are beyond an Amazing Friend…you are my sister!!
    I love you and will let you know something as soon as I can!!
    I love you!!!

  2. 6justmyopinion

    I am in complete agreement with your prayer for your “dad”. May the Lord bring peace to this family as He answers.
    If I get sick, I sure want you in my corner. You have a great heart.
    Please consider it done.
    Much prayer..

  3. Preston Sinclair

    Hoping things go well for your “dad.” I just posted a note yesterday on my blog about my grandfather. It’s at and titled A Reminder.

  4. i stand in agreement for sweet mr. tommy. he is healed in the name of Jesus! i love him!

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