moral vs. holy

a friend and i were talking the other night and the talk of holiness came up. he posed a question that caused me to pause for a few seconds (as most of his questions do) b/c it was really something i hadn’t thought of before. he asked me if there was a difference between being moral or holy.  and i immediately said yes but then he asked me what the difference was. that’s when i hesitated. i have my own thoughts. would love to hear yours.


4 responses to “moral vs. holy

  1. I think ‘morality’ is basically doing what’s right, what is expected of you. I think ‘holiness’ is complete devotion. Your whole heart is in it. God is in it.
    Just my thought. 🙂

  2. Morals are set by culture…
    Holiness is set by God.

  3. Hello,

    I was contemplating that just last night (funny!).

    I came across this article by Dr. Azurdia and I will cut and paste here because I could not have said it any better (let’s face it, I could not have said it) myself.
    “The answer is, yes, there is. Morality is negative and limited. It tends to define itself externally, and more particularly, in terms of what one refrains from doing. Holiness, on the other hand, is more positive and pervasive. To be sure, it effects the externals, but it does not end there. It is more penetrating. Consider some of the distinctions between morality and holiness: the moral person abstains from wrong actions . . . the holy person hates the very thought of doing wrong. The moral person is motivated by what men perceive him to be . . . the holy person is consumed by what God wants him to be. The moral person lives by an impersonal list of do’s and dont’s . . . the holy person lives by what brings the greatest pleasure to his Heavenly Father. The moral person keeps a meticulous record of all of his good deeds, by them expecting to win the favor of God . . . the holy man grieves that nothing he ever does, even for God, is completely free of any sinful or selfish motive. He knows that every blessing he receives from God is solely an expression of His grace. The moral person lives by his own definition of what is right and what is wrong, and he delights to impose that definition upon other people . . . the holy person allows the Word of God to direct his life, and in anything beyond that he relishes in the freedom that Jesus Christ has purchased for His people, and in the differences that freedom allows among those who dearly love the same Savior.”

    To read the entire article:

    Grace and Peace to you.

  4. Wow, that’s a really good question. I would have to agree with Whittakerwoman on this one. Although I think what some people call “morals” is really the sense of right and wrong that God put in each of us.

    Great question!

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