the 4-1-1

hi guys. and gals. so….it’s been a while since i’ve written. life has been busy. actually, work has been busy. the rest of my life has pretty much been the same. but after today work will be back to normal. for a few months anyway. i have missed the blog. i have really missed reading everyone’s blogs. i feel that i have a lot to catch up on. i don’t have anything specific to write about tonight. here are some random thoughts:

i have rediscovered the show, “mad about you”. cracks me up.
having a long-haired cat be a pain in my bum.
we have a pest problem and it’s starting to pester me. pun intended.
my sister is moving to kansas and i’m excited for her.
my sister is moving to kansas and that makes me sad.
i get to be a kid again and play at a water park on monday.
i love my job.
i appreciate my co-workers who work hard to make me look good.
i hate it when my friends are out of the country.
i wish i was a good dancer.
i can’t wait to be in my friends’ wedding.
i really need to see my dentist about this broken tooth. ouch.
i love it when my friends come back from being out of the country.
i am super pumped about seeing allison and her beautiful girl this week.

so, what’s been going on with you?


One response to “the 4-1-1

  1. i have just been sitting around crying b/c i missed seeing you b/c you were working so much.

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