so….if you pay attention to my blog you might have noticed i deleted a post. it was titled “healer” and it had two videos. one was a video of a guy, michael guglielmucci, singing a song he wrote called “healer”. really is a GREAT song. we sang it in church this past sunday and it was pretty powerful. the other video was the story of why he wrote it. he claimed that he had cancer and the doctors had given him only a few months to live. it has now come out that he made the whole story up. you can read about it here. i don’t get it. i really don’t even know what to say. my prayer is that this doesn’t discourage people from still believing that jesus can be their healer. i hope that they still allow the song be an encouragement to them. why would he make it up? did he really believe he was sick? i don’t know, i guess it’s really not important for me to know why.

oh, and i didn’t delete my post b/c he lied. i deleted it b/c the videos had been removed from youtube. 🙂


3 responses to “deleted

  1. That is incredibly sad. 😦 Though I missed the service, I have heard so many people talk about how touched they were by his “testimony”.
    I’ll be praying for him. Who knows why he felt the need to lie. Satan tempts everyone in different ways, and he must have found a weak spot in Michael in this area.
    I’ll also pray for others who may feel discouraged by this and may be tempted to lose faith in God’s love for them and willingness to heal them.
    Thanks for sharing, Tracie!

  2. Yes, It’s hard to understand, but Christians (leaders or not) are also under the pressure the rest of the world is under, to perform, to succeed etc. It could be that he was/is a Hypochondriac, which can be a serious mental disorder. I do feel for both him and his family, firstly because I know how it is to live with Hypochondriac person, we didn’t know although after couple of years we suspected, but we never dared say it to that person, in the case we were wrong, doctors were not very helpful in it, at the end it took us a lot of courage to get that family memember to see a psychiatrist and many more months to help, danger now is the trust in that family member has diminished and we have to be careful not to dismiss new complaints as it could turn out true. The point is also not to loose our faith because of what leaders do, our faith is in God not in people. Once when a fellow Christian hurt me I asked God “what sort of Christian is she” and God in my spirit answered “the same as you, imperfect!”

  3. Nice comments Art. And you are oh so true about our faith and trust being in God and not in people. Thank God for that. Thanks for coming by.

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