who’s ready?

i’m ready. are you ready? i was flipping thru the t.v. this morning looking for something to watch. i wasn’t finding anything good and was about to turn it off when something caught my eye. something i haven’t seen in quite some time. i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. could it be? has charter screwed up on the listing? or maybe it’s just an airing from last season. i thought, “what the heck? i’ll check just in case”. so i flipped over and lo and behold it was the espn gameday preseason show. Oh how I’ve missed you my friends. chris, lee, lou, kirk. it’s good to see you again. i look forward to spending my saturday mornings with you again.

in case you missed watching it this morning and are curious of some of their picks, well, i’m here to please. really, all i have for you are who they picked to win the sec championship and the bcs national championship. what? does anything else really matter?

sec championship:
corso picks auburn. of course he does.
lee and kirk pick florida.

bcs championship:
corso picks usc over missouri
lee picks ohio state over oklahoma
kirk picks florida over usc

so. who do you pick? and while you figure it out i’ve left you a video for your enjoyment:


4 responses to “who’s ready?

  1. Oh let me think for a moment….ROLL TIDE BABY!!! Gotta be true to the Crimson Tide!!!

  2. I love your blog!! Thanks for commenting on mine. I welcome stalkers. Ha! I am more into NFL than college football, but I do LOVE me some Razorbacks!

  3. i am soooooooooo ready! also, please go read pastor chris’s blog about college football and read the comments. read the comments pc made after other peoples. it cracked me up. all i have to say is i hate auburn and roll tide.

  4. I’ve been ready for football. It’s about time…
    Nice blog by the way.

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