give me a break lou holtz

ok. now i will be the first to say that there is a limit in certain kinds of celebration in football. but GIVE ME A BREAK. these guys should have the right to show some emotion and get excited when they’ve done something good. bowling green state university is about to beat #25 pittsburgh. one of their players just sacked the qb. that is something to get excited about. after the sack, the bg player gets up and shakes his fists in front of himself. it was not unsportsman like. yet he got the flag. and lou holtz is screaming that it was unsportsman like. he says that b/c its a team game he shouldn’t be celebrating about something that he did. GIVE ME A BREAK. now, if the guy would have gotten in an opponents face and shook his fists then yes, i say “throw the flag”. i just think its all getting a little out of control. these boys should be allowed to show some emotion. there is already a lot of talk about it. i have a feeling that there will be some changes. 



3 responses to “give me a break lou holtz

  1. amen! i mean seriously…

  2. You’ll probably say “give me a break lou holtz” a lot this season! Believe me, the NCAA is honestly trying to ruin the game of football. If they cared anything about the sport, they’d let us have a playoff. As it stands, football is it’s cash cow… mostly courtesy of the SEC. I thought the dude for South Carolina (I think) doing push-ups on the field in the middle of the game was a bit unsportsmanlike but rarely are the flags warranted. Do you remember a while back when Vandy had essentially beat Florida but got flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct? It cost them the game. BOO to the NCAA and most of the refs! Okay, I feel better now. 🙂


  3. Come on Tracie….AL kicked Clemson’s butt and your gonna get on Lou? I mean at least at the last moment he decided that it was “possible” that AL might have a slight chance against Clemson!! However, it did look like Saban told his boy’s to bring it to the sidelines when something great happened because they didn’t get penalized for being AWESOME!!!

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