have you noticed how movie ratings don’t really mean what they use to? movies now that are rated pg-13, in my opinion, really should be rated r. it’s just one more thing that reminds me of how we (and when i say we i mean we as a society) are becoming more accepting to the world’s view. my friends and i really try to be careful with the movies we go to see. some people might think we are way too uptight about it. but we don’t care. we’re tired of opening ourselves up to trash. my pastor says that some people say “but the violence doesn’t affect me” or “i can listen to all the bad language and it doesn’t affect me”. and to that pastor chris says “that’s the problem”. we’ve become so immune to it all that it doesn’t bother us anymore. and i can say all day long that bad language or sex scenes won’t affect me b/c i am pretty strong in those areas. but if i allowed myself to listen and watch these movies it would affect me to the point where it wouldn’t affect me anymore. and that bothers me. i just think it’s vital to be careful about what we allow to enter our bodies whether it’s through our eyes, ears or both. i won’t even begin to talk about music. that’s another post in itself.

i write all this to tell you about a website that i use frequently. if you are tired of going to movies and being offended and shocked, then this is the site for you. it’s called plugged in online. my friend aldger told me about it a while back. it has great reviews of pretty much any new movie (like this one) you can think of. i’m not sure how long they keep the reviews on there. i usually just use it to check out the new ones but they may also have reviews of movies that are out on dvd. but i love it b/c they break the review up in the following categories: positive elements, spiritual content, sexual content, violent content, crude or profane language, and other negative elements. my favorite is the language b/c it will tell you how many profane/crude words are used and which ones. sometimes, it has spoilers in the reviews but it warns you when they are coming up.

it’s a great site for parents when you are trying to decide whether or not your 13-year-old should be able to see the sisterhood of the traveling pants. let me go ahead and answer that one for you. NO!! but that is just my opinion and i don’t even have children.

am i uptight? maybe. do i care? not really. thoughts?

“do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of you mind. then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – His good, pleasing and perfect will.”
romans 12:2


4 responses to “pg-13

  1. I do think it is rather important and to often we are not aware and conscious of what we allow in. My girlfriend wrote an article on the subject

  2. you can also look up music albums/artists on there too so you know what you’re getting into there!

  3. AMEN!!! It is so refreshing to “hear” someone speak out on this issue. My husband and I are very particular about what we watch and let our teens watch. It’s amazing to me how much trash we overlook just so we can be entertained. We use pluggedin, screenit, and kids-in-mind to see exactly what a movie is about before going to see it. Besides the violence, language, sex, etc…we like to know what the plot is..we want to teach our children to discern the REAL message in a movie or song. What are they trying to “sell” you? Is it going to build you up or tear you down? Is is something that goes against godly living? Thanks again for being a light in the darkness.

  4. I love plugged in online. And is a good one, too.

    (hey, thanks for linking to impress your kids!)

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