week 1 picks

i intended to post my picks on saturday so you could see them before the games but saturday ended up being busier than i anticipated. i had to work until 12:30 and then i babysat until about 5. i ended up babysitting two toddlers and two infants. it was fun. i can’t wait to be a mom.
okay so my picks started out pretty well. i did pretty decent in the college games. i sucked it up pretty bad in the nfl. ugh. and there were a few games that i changed my picks on and i shouldn’t have. from now on, i will go with my gut. there are about 130 people playing in this picks group. there are 7 people that i know who are playing: scott, kelli, kesha, lori, dixie, stacie and brian. the goal is to make it in the top 5 each week but also to beat these 6 people. not exactly how it turned out this first week. right now i’m tied with 7 other people for 111th place. really? ugh. stupid nfl. ok. listed below were the games we had to choose from. the teams in bold are who i picked to win. the teams that are crossed through are who lost.

akron vs. syracuse (i originally picked akron and changed it. ugh.)
miami (oh) vs. michigan
vs. temple
georgia tech vs. boston college
vs. washington (even though i think wash. got the raw end of the deal, i’m glad byu won)
oregon st vs. penn st.
air force vs. wyoming
ole miss vs. wake forest
san diego st. vs. notre dame
cincinnati vs. oklahoma
west virginia vs. east carolina (i almost changed this pick, so glad i didn’t)
south florida vs. central florida
northwestern vs. duke
kent vs. iowa st.
minnesota vs. bowling green (this was our bonus game. if you pick the correct team you earn 2 pts.)
miami vs. florida (this was our dare game. if miami had won and you picked them you earn 4 pts. i typicaly pick the dare)

i picked 12 correct picks out of 16 games.

jacksonville vs. tennessee
houston vs. pittsburgh
cincinnati vs. baltimore
st. louis vs. philadelphia
tampa bay
vs. new orleans
kansas city vs. new england
vs. atlanta
seattle vs. buffalo
new york vs. miami
carolina vs. san diego
arizona vs. san francisco
vs. cleveland
chicago vs. indianapolis
vs. green bay (plays tonight)
denver vs. oakland (plays tonight)

so far i have 5 correct picks out of 15 games.

as far as the 7 friends i mentioned above, here are how they are ranked:
kesha #3
brian #12
dixie #53
lori #53
scott #93
kelli #93
me #111
stacie #118

how was your weekend of football? any surprises?


One response to “week 1 picks

  1. Oh my. I have no idea. The only reason I even know the difference b/w Roll Tide and War Eagle is b/c I lived in AL for 2 years!

    But hey—you won the book at my blog! Email me your snail mail and I’ll send it out asap.

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