friends are friends forever

no doubt when you read those four words you automatically start singing the song. or maybe you just cringe and roll your eyes b/c you know how overplayed the song was at high school graduations. i’ve been thinking about my friends a lot lately. okay, so i think about my friends all the time. they are pretty awesome. but tonight i find myself thinking about those four words. friends are friends forever. really? are friends really friends FOREVER? in a perfect world, i’d like to think so. but i’m sad to say that isn’t always the case. i could make a list of friends that i’ve had in my life that i have lost touch with. for the most part it’s just a result of growing apart and it not really being anyone’s fault. i have one friend who just decided to seperate herself from her closest friends. it’s a mystery to all of us. lissa, if you by chance are reading this, we love you and miss you dearly. i think about you often!

i do have some friends that i really have no doubt that the title of this post does and will hold true for our friendships. and so i’ve decided to highlight my amazing friends over the next few days. i mean, they ARE great and the world will be much better off from knowing about them.

this is my oldest friend, misty. and i mean oldest as in i’ve known her longer than any of my other friends. there are no words to describe how much i love this girl. but i will try. misty and i met when we were in high school. we have known each other for almost 20 years. wow, can you believe it misty? misty and i live two different lives. next year she will have been married for 10 years. the beautiful boy in the picture with her is her 6-year-old son, eli. he is six, right? and she has a fiesty, beautiful two-year-old daughter, emma jo. there are no two children that i love more than those two. i am still single with no children. so, at this point, we have a different focus, different dreams, different interests. but despite all those differences, our friendship still holds strong. we don’t see each other all the time and we don’t even talk on the phone with each other b/c we both hate talking on the phone. but when i do get to spend time with her, i treasure and savor every moment. i will be forever thankful to her for loving me the way that she does. misty and i became friends during two of the toughest moments of our lives. her grandfather, her dad’s dad, had passed away just a short time before my stepmom died. no doubt the Lord brought us together. but that’s not even the reason i treasure her so much. misty was the first person i had ever met who i saw jesus in. i knew something was different about her and i knew i wanted it. she introduced me to my jesus. that was the beginning of a new life for me. and for that i’m forever thankful. misty, i love you. i love your precious family.
so who do you think about when you hear the song “friends are friends forever“?


One response to “friends are friends forever

  1. I CANNOT believe that I didn’t see this before…sometimes I think things don’t show up on my computer!! You are my diamond in the rough Tracie Pat!! It’s funny how be both look up to one another and when we end a conversation one day, we always are able to pick it up the next year, month, or week that we see each other again!! My babies miss their Aunt Tracie and hope to see her again soon! I LOVE YOU GIRL!!

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