slim pickin’s

i am about to embark on my fourth week of football picks. i have not done so great. i think for the season i’m ranked in the hundreds. so sad. SO, i thought i’d do something a little bit different this week. i’m going to allow you, yes i said YOU, make my picks for me. this might not go over to well b/c it’s not like i have a ton of readers. and most of my readers are also playing in the same football picks that i am. they might try to jeopardize my chances. i just won’t listen to their suggestions. but it’s obvious that what i’m doing isn’t working. i didn’t do so bad with my college picks last saturday but i figured i’d try a different tactic. so, you will see below the games i have to choose from this week. take a peek and let me know your thoughts on who you think will win. and if i win big i might give you some credit 🙂

michigan state vs. indiana
virginia vs. duke
northwester vs. iowa
tennessee vs. #15 auburn
#25 fresno state vs. ucla
colorado vs. fsu
#9 wisconsin vs. michigan
purdue vs. notre dame
bowling green vs. wyoming
#24 tcu vs. #2 oklahoma
#13 south florida vs. north carolina state
#8 alabama (roll tide) vs. #3 georgia
#22 illinois vs. #12 penn st.
virginia tech vs. nebraska
new mexico vs. new mexico st.
stanford vs. washington
nevada vs. unlv

denver vs. kansas city
san francisco vs. new orleans
cleveland vs. cincinatti
atlanta vs. carolina
houston vs. jacksonville
minnesota vs. tennessee
arizona vs. new york jets
green bay vs. tampa bay
buffalo vs. st. louis
san diego vs. oakland
washington vs. dallas
philidelphia vs. chicago
baltimore vs. pittsburgh

so, whatcha think?


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